Home of
Matt Welch
I was raised in Northern Arizona in a
little town called Dewey, it's an actual town
today but when I lived there it was just a
Post Office and a Gas Station. I'm number
11 of 12 kids, 7 girls and 5 boys, and all from
one Mom and one Dad.

My Dad was an Old Time Fiddler that also
played the guitar and sang. On Fridays he'd
come home from being away at work all
week and would sit and play requests from us
kids. Some of the favorites were Blood On The
Saddle, Little Joe The Wrangler, and my favorite
The Little Mohee. My Mama would play rhythm on
the guitar until he took off on Foggy Mountain
Breakdown or some other fast one, she'd try
but just couldn't keep up.

It was my Mama that taught me my first
three chords on the guitar, a few of my sisters
taught me the other two. We didn't have
electricity so after the sun went down there
wasn't much else to do but play music.
In my teens I wandered into the world of Rock
& Roll and still crank some Skynyrd or
Zeppelin from time to time but I found my
country raising had affected me for life and I
started writing country songs when I was about

I know everything evolves, but I also think a lot of
people want to hear new country music that still
sounds like traditional country music, that's the
only thing I know how to do.

Matt Welch